Gatsby Enterprises Inc, with its affiliated sites iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, and iWantPhone Store Operator Cancellation Policy is as follows:

Store Operators may cancel their Store/Studio account(s) at any time as long as they have a positive balance with no pending chargebacks incurred on their account. If a Store/Studio has pending chargebacks, the account must be kept open and content live to be purchased on the site in order for a positive balance to be met before the account is cancelled, or the Store Operator may choose to pay the outstanding chargeback amount and have then have their store closed.

Store Operators cannot cancel their account and receive a payout if they do not meet the payout requirements.

They must first reach the payout requirement under their current payout method, and pay period before closing their account. If this is not wished to be achieved by the Store Operator, they will then forfeit their payout upon account cancellation. 

Store operators are provided a one time courtesy if they would like to come back and open their account, their clips will be restored to their original condition. 

Anytime after the one time courtesy reactivation is initiated, the Store Operator will incur a $50 reactivation fee.