The days of having to write 10 emails back and forth between a customer, haggling on pricing when he might not even be serious about ordering the clip are over!

Welcome to, the most technologically advanced and intuitive custom clip ordering platform in the business! It saves you hours of time by facilitating every order without you needing to respond or approve a single thing. Every order you receive means the customer has agreed to your pricing and chose from options you offer. This means no order will ever ask you to make a clip you don’t want to make! 

It will only take you a few minutes to finalize your settings and once you are done, you’ll have the easiest way to sell custom clip orders permanently in place. The only time you’ll ever need to spend additional time on this is if you desire to make changes to your pricing or other settings customers choose from. Below we have an explanation of the settings, as well as suggestions on strategies on how to best use them and recommendations on what to offer customers. 

Base Rate & Clip Length
We recommend that you stay under the $15/minute mark simply because anything over that price is outside the "average". Higher numbers might scare customers away before they take a closer look at what custom clips you offer. 
We recommend figuring out the minimum amount of money you would be happy with for a custom clip, and then figure out how many minutes long a clip would need to be to equal that price regardless if the customer were to spend on any additional items. Example would be if you want to make $150 minimum per custom video and your price is $10/min, then you shouldn't offer clips shorter than 15 minutes or you should raise your price to $15/min.

We recommend offering discounts for longer videos because everyone loves to feel like they're getting a discount or a good deal. If someone is in the mood to place an order, chances are they'll order a longer clip if they see that they are saving money off your base price! However, we recommend you never offer a discount of more than 30% because you simply don't have to. Customers will purchase it either way.

Resolution options for customers
We recommend offering at least 2 resolutions since there is a large variation of the type of device (phone, tablet, computer) your customers may have. Mobile isn't desired as frequently, but offering the options of standard definition and high definition will allow you to market your clips to the largest possible amount of customers. 

Expedited Delivery Charges
In our experience, customers are willing and happy to pay more for their clip being produced and delivered sooner. Since the default setting is 28 days, we recommend offering at least 2 options for quicker completion and of course, charging for it :) Ultimately, this will give you the ability to make more money on the same clip with no extra work involved.

Category & Pricing options
We recommend offering your "normal" categories free of charge. Normal categories would be ones that aren't elaborate in production and/or don't involve a lot of extra work to create. For those elaborate or time consuming categories and genres, we advise you to charge for this. Customers will understand the cost and appreciate the extra work involved in creating their fantasy. 

Name Requests
We highly recommend charging for name requests. If you turn this feature on and set a price, customers will pay it! Plain and simple. This is a very common request because it further enhances the fantasy and experience of a custom video when that customer views it. This should be priced to be cheap enough where it doesn't discourage a customer from requesting it, but to where it's worth while to incorporate in the video! It’s also a good idea to charge for this since your resale ability is not as high if a name is used.

Exclusivity Fees
Customers are willing to pay large amounts of money to know they are the only customer of yours that will see their video. You should offer this as its something some customers desire and is another way for you to earn more. This also helps offset the earnings you would have made from the resale of the video. NOTE: if you choose to offer the Exclusivity option, you must honor this agreement per our TOS; if a customer finds a video for sale in your regular store that he/she has paid for exclusivity on, they may be discouraged from buying your videos.

These are a must!! If you have a website or a blog, you can effortlessly promote and market your custom clips! Your customers will be able to choose all their custom clip preferences directly on your website and will be taken to IWC when it is time to pay. We offer two different widgets (side bar & full page) depending on the layout of your webpage(s), but they both offer identical functionality; giving your customers the ability to order a custom clip DIRECTLY from your page! We estimate that models who use the widgets have around a 150% increase of orders, prior to using the widgets.