Within Customs, you have the ability to customize the details regarding the types of Custom Clips you are willing to create.

You will see the following:


Custom Clip Settings

This section will allow you to:

  • Set your Base per Minute Rate

  • Set Clip Lengths
    *You may also set optional Discounts for any Clip Length

  • Set Video Resolutions

  • Set Delivery Times

  • Set Categories
    * You may also set optional fees for any Category

  • Name Requests
    *You may enable or disable this. If enabled, you may set a fee

  • Exclusivitity Fee
    *You may enable or disable this. If enabled, you may set a fee

  • Add Ons & Extras
    *You may describe Add-Ons (such as certain outfits or special effects) with their set fee

  • Delivery Date Reminders

  • Disable Custom Clips
    *Custom Clips can be disabled if you'd like to go on vacation, for example.

Custom Clip Orders

This section allows you to see your current custom clip orders. It will include:

  • Order Number
  • Customer Username
  • Date Ordered
  • Date Custom is Due
  • Time Remaining Until the Due Date
  • Status
  • Messages

For each Custom Clip order, you may view its Order Details. This will allow you to see:

  • Custom Clip Description
  • Chat log with your Customer
  • Option to Decline the Custom Clip Order
  • Time Remaining
  • Order Number
  • Your Artist Name & Per Minute Rate
  • Customer Name
  • Length of Clip Ordered
  • Resolution Chosen
  • Categories Chosen
  • Delivery Time Selected
  • Tip/Tributes
  • Ordered Date
  • Delivery Date
  • Your Earnings

Archived Orders

This allows you to see all of your past, archived custom clip orders.


This Widget is a mirror of the Custom Clip Ordering Form. It allows for Customers to Order a Custom directly from your website or wherever you choose to place this widget.


This describes our Custom Clip Policy. Please read and understand this policy prior to using iWantCustomClips.

If you ever need any help regarding Custom Clips, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime: Support@iWantClips.com

Thank you so much!