Yes, you are in complete control of your custom clip pricing. You are able to customize what customers are required to pay for and how much they have to pay.

iWantCustomClips has been designed to save you time by reducing discussions and negotiations between you and your customer. Customers cannot place an order unless all the components are ones that you have agreed to offer!

You will be able to selectively offer and individually price the following options:

  • Base Rate (per minute cost)
  • Video Resolution
  • Video Length
  • Categories (individually select any/all categories you are okay having in your videos)
  • Express Delivery
  • Name Requests
  • Add Ons & Extras (create and customize pricing for items you'd like to offer customers such as toys, costumes, props, etc.)
  • Exclusivity Charge (fee that customers can pay if they wish for the clip to be theirs exclusively and not be sold anywhere else)
  • Multiple Categories

This process ensures that any order you receive will be one that is agreeable both in price and theme, without requiring any of your time or effort to go back and forth with the customer. 

However in the event that you have to converse with your customer, you can with the built in iWantCustomClips instant messaging center! Pretty sweet right?