Producing Great Content

Lighting quality in the videos – Putting money into the production of your videos will always end up paying off!  Production quality is very important. Your customers notice and appreciate it! We recommend purchasing at least one professional lighting kit (usually under $100, search “photography light kit” on to see plenty of affordable options) to use in all of your videos. Your videos will look better and your customers will be willing to pay more money for these videos.

Sound quality in the videos - It can be distracting when your voice’s volume changes because you happen to be closer or further away from the microphone during different parts of your video. It’s recommended to have your recording device in a central location during your filming, or make sure to elevate your voice if you move further away from it.  You can also look for an external mic (Canon makes one that goes with their cameras, Rode is another popular brand) once you start earning money and are ready to invest more into your production.

Resolution of videos offered - The quality and resolution of your video(s) is just as important as the content. As technology develops continuously, video resolution gets better and better. We recommend rendering your videos in HD or 4k if you have that available so that as time goes on, your videos are of the latest high quality.  

Video Pricing - It’s important to price your videos competitively so that you’re able to make the money you deserve. If you price videos too high, your customers might look to other stores for similar content. Pricing around $1/min is a very standard and won’t ever turn anyone away from your content. However, certain videos that are more elaborate or more difficult to make can commonly be priced between $2-3/min. You know your customers best and can experiment with pricing and what they are willing to pay. Also, if you decide to very rarely offer certain categories that might be “taboo” or non-traditional to your normal content, you can price these a lot higher. The rarity will intrigue customers enough that they’ll have no problem spending extra! 

Instruct customers to favorite you and subscribe to notifications (new content published), so they are always up to date with your latest releases. Your customers can do this by going to your store and favoriting you to the left of your page. 

Store Coupons - iWantClips offers content producers the most advanced coupon system the industry has to offer! These coupons give you the ability to create special promotions anytime.  You can even create a markup coupon code that your customers can use to pay MORE if they want to!

Outlining scripts, titles, or direction before recording - It’s a good idea to have a general plan of action before filming your clips. Write down all the clips you plan to film and their categories. Pick out your outfits beforehand or at least have them in mind. This helps with the fluidity of the scenes, cuts down on the number of takes needed and improves overall quality. Your filming session will move much faster and with better quality if you have planned it out beforehand! 

Twitter Presence & Strategy

Directing customers - Tell customers IWC is your favorite site/preferred site for them to purchase clips. Push them to IWC and they will follow your direction to please you!

Customer Education of Benefits from the site - Explain to customers why IWC is the best place for them to buy clips.  IWC offers many benefits to customers – streaming, download at any time, pay to view messaging, order custom clips, send messages with tributes, favorites and wishlists, etc.

Bragging & Post tweets of screenshots of your big content sales & big tributes - Post your big sales and tributes to encourage more customers to do the same! Make sure you blur out customer usernames when doing this. Many photo-editing apps allow you to do this. Also block out your actual payout and show the sales total/gross total. This is always a bigger number and therefore has a better effect.

Publishing Content

FTP is the fastest way to get large quantities of content uploaded. We recommend using FTP for your uploads over uploading one clip individually for each item you publish. FTP will save you a lot of time as the video is already there when you are publishing and you don’t have to wait for the upload. You can upload all of your edited videos to your FTP client at once rather than waiting for it to upload with each clip through browse.

It’s been proven that regularly releasing new content at the same time on the same day(s) will lead to more sales. Customers can anticipate your new videos and also get into a subconscious purchase routine. Use the Publish Later feature to easily schedule your video releases at times when customers are normally active (evenings and weekends are great!).

The more often and regularly you can release content, the better. For example, if you film 7 clips, its better to release one each day or every other day than it is to release them all at once. If you release them over a period of days, you will regularly show up in the Newest Content on the site versus showing up 7 times several days ago.

Connect your Twitter to your store so that you send a tweet to all of your followers each time content is published, letting them know they can buy your latest releases.

Preview Generator

The iWantClips preview generator is hands down the best tool in the business for making quality previews for all your videos. Not only does it save you hours of .gif editing, but it creates a preview that is about 20x smaller file size than a .gif that looks even better in quality.

Using the generator previews on your videos will provide a high level of quality as well as create uniformity when customers browse your store. A video with a good preview will sell up to 3x more than the same video with a still preview image or low quality .gif.

Using all revenue platforms

IWC offers many different ways to make money from customers. We offer Content Sales, Tips/Tributes, Custom Clip Orders, Pay-To-View messaging, & Phone! Using just a couple of them won’t make you as much money as using all of them will. Each revenue stream has its own following of customers that prefer it over all the others. For example, there are some customers that only order custom videos and do not purchase videos from stores. If you don’t offer custom clips through your store, this customer won’t make purchases from you.