Not only does iWantClips offer the best features and technology for customers to purchase and enjoy your content, but it also offers the largest number of ways for customers to spend money on you! Options you can offer your customers are:

  • Clip Sales – No price restrictions, no resolution or frame rate limitations, and up to 3gb in size.
  • Pictures Sales – Customers can enjoy your pictures which there is no limit on how many you can sell!
  • Audio Files & Other Items – All audio file formats are compatible to upload. Also consider offering customers contracts or agreements such as docs or PDFs.
  • Custom Clip Orders – We offer the most advanced and complete custom clip ordering system in the industry!
  • Tributes – Accept any amount between $5-10,000 at a time.
  • Pay-To-View Messaging – Charge your customers to message with you, read your replies, and see pics. Play games with your customers, peaking their curiosity by requiring them to pay before being able to read the next message or view the next attachment you send.
  • Phone!  – Most advanced and user-friendly phone platform integrated into the most advanced clip site in the world.

The features IWC offers not only benefit members, they benefit YOU! The site is intuitive, easy-to-use, and has been created to encourage customers to make larger and more frequent purchases. This results directly in more $$$ in YOUR pocket. The benefits that customers enjoy after signing up as members that other sites simply don’t offer are: 

  • FREE cloud storage – All purchases made by members are accessible in their WantCloud, allowing them to browse and stream videos at any time without being required to download them on that device.
  • Video Conversion (mp4 works on any device) – Any video published on IWC is converted to mp4 because this format offers streaming compatibility on all browsers, on all devices! This also allows you to shoot your videos in any format you are used to and not have to worry about making other versions
  • Video Streaming – Customers are able to stream your videos in their full resolution anytime they log into their account.
  • Message Center – Customers can interact with you through your store instead of spamming your email and view pay-to-view messages and content.
  • Tributes (Any Value) – No other site allows customers to tip as large of amounts (up to $10,000!) like iWantClips! They can also tip custom amounts quickly and easily on their mobile devices.
  • Best Customer Service – Not only will your customers enjoy being treated professionally, respectfully and in a discrete manner, but they will have their questions answered faster and any issues resolved more promptly than any other site, period!
  • Custom Clips – Your customers are able to use the most complete and advanced custom clip ordering tool! They can select from all the various options and view their complete order.