Payout Methods for International Stores

Payouts will be issued in the form of EPayments, Wire Transfer or by Emailed Check (see below).


Emailed Checks:

Emailed Checks are delivered within 24 hours after the processing of your payout. For more information, please watch the video here

Express Pay (Wire Transfer):

Offered to over 40 countries. Payouts greater than $1000 will be given one free transfer per calendar month. All other payouts are subject to the fee below*. Most countries will receive the money within 2-6 business days. 

*Payouts less than $1000 and/or additional Express Pay transfers within the same calendar month will incur a fee of $20.

If Payouts are requested in form of USD currency, a $8 fee per wire will apply.

Conversion rates may apply to currencies sent in non US Dollars. Ask your bank for details.

EPayments: e-wallet and prepaid card
Sign up for an EPayments wallet and prepaid card Here.

Manage money on the move

  • Track your balance
    See your account balance and keep track of what payments you have received in real-time
  • Transfer money
    Send money directly to your EPayments card or other bank account or eWallet
  • Different currencies
    Instantly convert between US dollar, Euro and Russian roubles

Manage your card

  • Order new cards
    Order a new card at anytime directly from the app
  • Top up your balance
    Receive funds to your EPayments card in an instant – wherever you are
  • Track your finances
    View your card balance to stay on top of what is coming in and going out

Prepaid card

  • Zero fees for making payments
    Wherever you are, there is no charge to pay for goods and services
  • Flat ATM fee
    No surprises – know exactly what you pay to take cash out of an ATM
  • Withdrawals in any currency
    Take out cash in the local currency, wherever you are

You can learn more about EPayments and their prepaid card by visiting the site here

There are no fees charged by iWC and typical transfer time is within 6 business days of processing date. Minimum payout is $100. 


Payout Options

*Request Pay - Very similar to Daily Payouts, this is the best option for Store Operators who want to accumulate a larger amount of money before receiving a payout so that they aren’t charged multiple transfer fees. Request Pay gives the Store Operator the opportunity to request a payout at any point Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays) as long as they’ve met or exceeded the minimum payout of $100.00.

If a request is made during the weekend it will show up as a Monday’s request. All requests less than $5000 will be processed in no more than 3 business days. If the amount requested exceeds $5000 it will be processed in no more than 5 business days.

**Commissions are reduced by 5% for Request Pay. All additional Requests within the same calendar month are a cost of $20.

*In some scenarios to prevent possible fraud or chargebacks, payout requests in excess of $2,000 in Store's first month will be held for a longer period before issuance.


Bi-Monthly Payouts Stores will receive two payouts each month. Payouts will occur on the 12th and 27th of each month and be processed no more than 2 business days later. Stores will be eligible for both payouts as long as they’ve met or exceeded the minimum payout of $100.00.


March 27th(12:00am EST) – April 11th (11:59pm EST). Payout Processes by April 14th.

April 12th(12:00am EST) - April 26th (11:59pm EST). Payout Processes by April 29th.

*Stores receiving payment via Express Pay will have a free payout on the 12th if the payout amount exceeds $1000, otherwise the $20 fee applies. The second payout on the 27th will incur a $20 fee.

Monthly Payouts Stores will receive one payout per month as long as they’ve met or exceeded the minimum payout of $100.00. The earnings period is from the 1st to the last day of the month, and will be processed no later than the 5th.

Example: March 1st (12:00am EST) - March 31st (11:59pm EST). Payout Processes April 5th.