This tab allows you to customize 6 different auto-tweets that occur based on certain activity that happens in your store and/or helps your business by staying in front of your followers.

You are able to attach an image or gif to each tweet; however, images will affect the total number of characters you are able to use. This  will depend on the size of the attachment you use.

For example, if you attach a 1mb file, you’ll be allowed to use more characters in your tweet than if you attach a 2mb file. We have created logic so that the displayed amount of characters remaining will automatically adjust based on the attachment’s size. 

We recommend updating the text and pictures every few months, so they are always fresh and new to look at. This will get you more attention and traffic to your store, which will increase your sales!

Connecting your Twitter account – At the top of the page, the first thing you’ll notice is the ability to add your twitter account to your Store. Click the connect button, follow the instructions that follows, and within a minute you’ll be connected. Once this is complete, you’ll now see the rest of the auto-tweet options available and ready for you to customize.

Promotional Posts – This tweet gives you the ability to periodically promote your iWantClips Store to your followers. We recommend putting something such as “Buy my videos from iWantClips because they give me the highest payout!” or “iWantClips offers streaming & clip storage, buy my clips here!”.

You are able to adjust the frequency that these occur, as well as the time of day (based off server time, EST). 

Post my Orders – This tweet will automatically send out when your store sells 5 or more items in a single order. Use this to brag or challenge your customers to match or beat the order size. This tweet can also be a good opportunity to include a coupon code; an example would be if you are offering a discount for content purchases $100+ in size. 

Post my Tributes – Similar to Post My Orders, this will help you brag and boast when your store receives larger-sized tributes. We recommend using this to brag or also to entice others to tribute you. Some strategies we see with this can be announcing that you’ll give any customer your Skype or Snapchat ID for free when they tribute you $75+.

Post my Custom Clips – This tweet gives you the option of letting your followers know that you sold a custom clip order. This is helpful to educate your followers that you offer custom clips and intrigue them to place an order of their own! It also reminds them that your custom clips are popular and in demand.  Use this to increase your custom clip orders! 

When an Item Is Sold – In addition to larger clip orders, you can also tweet when a single clip is sold. We recommend using this type of tweet to educate your followers on what new content releases you have and/or the fetishes you offer. An example would be “Customers are loving my new hot #CEI, #JOI and #FemDom vids. Be a good boy and buy them now to see why!”.

Custom Clip Reminder – This auto-tweet gives you the opportunity to advertise your custom clip rates. Also, you can remind customers that you prefer orders to come through iWantCustomClips because it’s the easiest order system for both customers and models to deal with. The more you advertise your custom clips, the more orders you will receive!