Artists have two ways to upload content:

  • Browse
    * This allows you to upload content right from your computer.
  • FTP
    * This allows you to upload more than one file at the same time. 
    • Regarding FTP, please note:
      • All files in an artists FTP account are removed after 30 days. This is to ensure there is ample space on FTP servers.
      • The FTP system is not designed to be a storage hub for file. 
      • We recommend using the free version of FileZilla for FTP.
Please note that the maximum file size for any content is 3GB.


Content Options

After uploading your content, you will be able to prepare your content to be sold with:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Categories
    *You may choose up to 2 categories.
  • Keywords
    *You may choose up to 10 keywords, that behave as hashtags. 
  • Publish Scheduling
    *You may publish your content now or set a the content to publish at a later date/time of your choosing.
  • Social Media
    * You may generate a Tweet when your content publishes.
  • Preview Generator
    * You may upload your own preview or create one with our Preview Maker

If you have questions regarding uploading content, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime:

Thank you so much!