You will have two different avenues you can take when uploading your content to the iWantClips platform: Browse and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is the fastest way to get large quantities of content uploaded. This allows you to upload all of your edited content at one time, instead of waiting for each clip to individually upload via Browse.

For a quick look on how to upload by Browse and FTP, click the links to watch a quick video tutorial! 

Below you will see your view of your FTP credentials. These are issued to all new Artists during their on-boarding process as well as all Studio Sub-Stores.

Please keep in mind: All files in an artists FTP account are removed after a 30 day period. This is to ensure there is ample space on the FTP servers for all artists on the platform to upload their content. The FTP system is not designed to be a storage hub for files, it allows the artist to quickly bulk upload content to their store that they plan on publishing within the next 30 days. 

There are many FTP clients that are available for use, however we recommend FileZilla. Below you will see the user interface for the FileZilla client. When attempting to use the program, it is imperative that all boxes highlighted below are completed to log into the client.

On the “Add a Video” page you will be able to upload and prepare your content to be sold. 

Categories & Keywords- These can be selected to increase the rate at which videos are discovered. You also have the ability to submit new keywords for approval by the iWantClips Model Experience Team.

Publish Scheduling – Provides you an opportunity to schedule the publishing of your content for a later date/time. Scheduled content is published in the EST time zone.

Price – This allows you to set the price for your content. The minimum price for a piece of content is $2.00 USD. 

Upload Video – Here you can choose whether to upload your content via Browse or FTP. The maximum file size allowed will be 3GB. 

Preview GeneratorYou have the opportunity to produce a preview for your content using IWC’s Preview Generator, or upload your own preview.

The Preview Generator allows you to select from one to five different five second preview scenes for your preview.

Social Media - From here you have the opportunity to generate a tweet when your content is published. This tweet can include the preview you generated with the Preview Generator or one you have created on your own. Max size for an attachment is 5MB.

It's important to note that when generating a preview using the Preview Generator, you must select "Attach the video created from the Preview Generator" in order for your preview to tweet.