Your "View Store" tab is to view your phone store. From here you can see how your phone listing looks live on the site. Your store page is complete with your "Call Now" button, "Order Custom" button, and if your customers would also like to purchase your clips, they can do so by clicking "Buy Clips". 

Below those buttons you have your "My Wishlist" button and "Share Me" button so customers can share your phone page amongst other customers as well as purchase items on your Amazon or other wishlists! 

Your customers from this page can also listen to a sample of your voice, and read your "About Me" section. Plus, by the collapsible "My Stats" feature your customers can further familiarize themselves with your Gender, Age, Race, Hair Color, Body type, Eye Color and much more! 

Below the "My Stats" is your "My Phone Listings" section. Customers from this interface can call your listings as well as read in detail about each individual listing!