Once the person you have referred has opened an account and has published at least 5 clips, you will receive $30.00.The referee must have a payout pending to receive the $30.00 referral.  

The referral commission will show up in your, "Breakdown" in your, "Payouts" tab. 

For a model that wants to refer another model to sign-up, the model simply goes to her, "Referrals" tab. From there you send an, "invite" or you can tweet the referral code, located just above the, "invite" box to anyone you want to sign-up! It's a win win! 

As soon as a model that you refer signs up, you will receive an orange "Pending Completion" notification in your "Referrals" tab. Once they complete their requirements, you will receive a green "Signup Complete" notification. At that time, your referral will be added to your "Transactions" tab.