1. Navigate to the "Customs" tab within your iWantClips dashboard. 

2. Agree to the "Custom Clips Terms and Policy".

3. Create your Settings and Pricing.
* After this is completed, your iWantCustomClips Store will now be visible for customers to start placing orders. 

Within your Settings you are able to set your:

  • Per Minute Rate
  • Video Resolutions Offered
  • Delivery Options
  • Categories You're Willing to Create Custom Clips In
  • Add-Ons (Charging to say the Customers Name, Charging so the clip only belongs to the Customer, etc).

Customers are able to find you and place orders directly from iWantCustomClips.com by searching your Store name. They are also able to place orders from your iWantClips page.

There is also a Custom Clip Widget which you can place on your personal website, blog or any other webpage. This widget is a mirror of the custom clip ordering form that will allow customers to purchase custom clips from you wherever this widget is placed.

If you have any questions regarding Custom Clips, please reach out to us anytime at Support@iWantClips.com

Thank you so much!